My name is... Neli Dobromirova Stamova and I study "Water Supply and Sewerage" at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria (5th year). 

I chose this specialty because... water is a very important resource in our lives. 

We study... different subjects, such as water chemistry, hydraulics, natural water purification, wastewater treatment, water supply and sewerage of buildings, gas supply, sewerage system and equipment, etc. The first two years of study revolve around engineering, whereas the focus during the other three is on water supply and sewerage. After the third year, students can choose their specialization - systems and equipment or wastewater treatment.

What I liked the most... was the projects that we had to work on - they were close to the projects that we will later have in our work life. Also, I really enjoyed the internships and my colleagues.

Studying at UACEG gave me the opportunity... to look at engineering and water treatment in a different way. 

The specialty gave me the opportunity to... design, test, reconstruct, modernize and operate: urban, industrial and agricultural water supply and sewerage systems; water supply and sewerage systems in buildings; pumping stations; stations for wastewater treatment, etc.

Future applicants should... be aware of the fact that the specialy is not easy and they should be very patient and persistent.

The most difficult part was... first year of the university. It is hard to get used to the field, the way of working, teaching, some exams as well as the short holidays.