I am… Marina Zlatanova and I study medicine at Medical University - Sofia (third year).

I chose this specialty because… in high school I was interested in biochemistry and chemistry. I never wanted to become a doctor, though. However, now, I cannot imagine myself without the white coat.

The specialty… lasts for six years and is divided in three parts: preclinical studies (the subjects are chemistry, anatomy, etc.), clinical studies (e.g., cardiology) and an internship.

After completing the degree, one can work… in many fields - in research, at hospitals. Thanks to the internship I was able to see how the everyday life of a doctor looks like. I also got to know how hospital work and found out whether certain specializations are of my interest. The Bulgarian diploma gives you the chance to work abroad, too.

Future applicants should… know that it is harder for Bulgarians to get a spot at the university. They should have great grades in biology and chemistry.

The most difficult part is… dealing with the fear that I will not be able to handle the pressure. Medicine is not just a science, it requires your dedication and changes your way of thinking. One does not become a doctor because of the money but because of the pleasure that this job gives them.