By Stefani Tsikandelova
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You still can't imagine what it means to be a manager? You don't know if the your field of study is the right one for you? This Thursday, get your dream job (even for a day) and answer all questions you may have. 

For 15th time JA Bulgaria organizes the event "Manager for a day". It will give hundreds of students the chance to enter the offices of big company such as IBM, TBI Bank, Deloitte, Siemens and work as a manager, HR, communication specialist or a teacher at a school somewhere in Bulgaria. The mayor of Sofia is also giving up on her position for a day so if you want to be in charge of the Bulgarian capital - you are more than welcome!

The slogan of the project is "Inspire the future" - we are sure your future empoyers will inspire you and you will in turn inspire them! If you are interested in the event, check out all vacancies here and apply as soon as possible.