My name is… Yordanka Terzieva and I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in “Bulgarian philology” at Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”.

I chose this specialty because… I wanted to work in the media field, for instance, as an editor. I believed that this specialty gives really good writing and editing skills which are a must in this field. I was right. Now, I use these skills as an editor at an online media channel.

We study… many disciplines in the field of literature and languages. We study Russian and Western European literature, folklore, psychology, etc. They teach us how to interpret different texts, analyze them as well as compare them to other books and novels. Also, we have the chance to learn many new languages, such as Russian, Latin, etc.

During the education… one gets the certificate that is needed to work as a teacher. Also, we have a mandatory internship at a Bulgarian highschool.

What I liked the most was… the fact that this specialty requires a lot of efforts. Only when a person has so many things to do, he or she can improve their time-management skills, flexibility, state of mind, etc. Some of the professors were really inspiring. My colleagues were amazing. It is nice that the specially gathers so many people with different interests but with a common love for our language.

The specialty gave me the opportunity to… improve my communication and presentation skills. Also, to broaden my horizons, to expand my knowledge in different fields. I now feel confident when I talk in front of many people.

After completing the degree, one can work as… a teacher or at different institutions such as publishing houses, media, libraries, museums, etc.

Future applicants should… have a thing for languages and literature, be curious and eager to learn more and more. They should also enjoy reading - this is an essential part of the degree and a must if they want to pass all exams successfully.

The most difficult part was… the beginning. The study material is a lot. However, once you learn what information is or is not important and learn how to analyze it correctly, everything goes really smoothly. These skills are important in any field, I believe.