From Magdalena Hristova
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Limited edition women's and children's fashion, books, toys, cosmetics and interior design gems. All of that in one place, wrapped in a Christmas mood.

Do you know what SoBAZAAR is? It’s a gathering of talented artists who make quality and creative products. The 4th edition of the Bazaar will be held on 3rd and 4th of December. It starts at 10 AM and it will bring a positive taste of your first week of December. Some of the brands that you will be able to check out the event include: Arya Sense | бебеshore | tin tin | ARTEFAKTI | PLIK | NEA | ИВАН АСЕН 22 - концептуална дизайнерска платформа | Zhana Yordanova | CONCEPT/ceramic studio/ | Tochka & Tochka | OurHood | LampiONstudio | Nuagehome | Crupon | I/tems | Handmaids Cosmetic | Happy Socks | BRADABRAT | Evgeniya Tsancova Jewelery | yana tankovska design | Emilia Emileva | Симеон Шомов | Димитър Петров | Издателство "Точица" | Nenekidz | Cardbunny | Stampa | ДРЪВкулки | ARCHABITS | Репичка | PlanToys Bulgaria | Mypompom.eu | Chez Fefe macarons & cafe | Гайо Шоколад - Gaillot Chocolate | KANAAL | Cakey Bakey | Farmer's BG | Chilli Hills Farm | Spizing 

I bet you’ll leave with things that will bring joy to your soul and body, your home and the people you love.

You can see all artists and their products here.