"If young people have the desire, I think they can be successful anywhere." - Borislav Borisov

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05 Dec

The Handmade festival has a code: Christmas is here. Bulgarian artists will present their products and articles. All they are waiting for is you.

01 Dec

You are presenting, but they are not listening. I bet you’ve been there. That’s why help is on its way.

01 Dec

You love sports? The fitness is like a second home to you? Then the festival We Love Aerobics is just for you.


01 Dec

'A gift from the angels' - calls him singer and actress Nona Yotova. We know him for his performances on stage the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" and the Youth Theatre "Nikolay Binev", as well as his participation in numerous contemporary Bulgarian movies and TV series. A third-generation actor, he often speaks of himself in the first person plural. This is not accidental. He has a twin brother - Deyan Angelov, who is also an actor. We meet Darin to talk about the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts; about theatre and life in general. We spend 30 minutes together - enough to give meaning to our lives.

21 Nov

Borislav Borisov, Senior Construction Manager: "In Qatar I found proof that Bulgarian diplomas are fully recognized. I think that the training we receive in our universities, gives us a sufficient foundation for a successful career not only in Bulgaria but also abroad".

10 Nov

'Trouble Bakers' are the tasty history of world literature. When you're with Dessie and Prolet you cannot discuss diets because they focus on the sweets and the 'salties'. Find out more about one of the most delicious adventures you can embark on!

Destination BG

23 Nov

Have you tasted the Bulgarian alcoholic drink Rakiya? In Bulgaria there is a saying that "if something can’t be cured with Rakiya, then it’s incurable"

21 Nov

Are you interested in Bulgarian history? On November 30 and December 1 you can see what the life of Bulgarians in the Middle Ages was like.

02 Nov

Are you eager to see Bulgarian dances?


14 Nov

You still can't imagine what it means to be a manager? You don't know if the your field of study is the right one for you? This Thursday, get your dream job (even for a day) and answer all questions you may have.

04 Nov

If among your friends you are known as the IT specialist, you'll find this weekend very interesting.

02 Nov

Autumn in Bulgaria does not only mean many concerts and cultural events. Universities are also trying to engage students in a range of career fairs. The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) is not an exception.


01 Dec

What university did not give me is the mindset that the world is a place I can change.

01 Nov

Seeing your child off to University is difficult for most parents. Seeing your child off to University in another country is even more so.

31 Oct

Volunteering abroad with the European Voluntary Service


01 Dec

My name is… Lyubomir Ivanov and I study law at Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski” (5th year).

10 Nov

My name is... Neli Dobromirova Stamova and I study "Water Supply and Sewerage" at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (5th year).

10 Nov

My name is… Yordanka Terzieva and I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in “Bulgarian philology” at Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”.